25 years in designing leading edge power supplies.


Power supplies look simple but are in practice complex.  There are many decisions and trade-offs that have to be made. 

Power supplies are a combination of analogue electronics with digital control, custom component design such as transformers and inductors, and incorporating thermal design, protection concepts, as well as EMI and safety considerations.  They also are faced with the real world, often connected to the mains where in some parts of the world large voltage transisent occur, well outside the normal specification.  It doesn't help if the power supply fails to know it passed all the approvals, it has to work for the customer where the customer uses it. This means power supplies have to be designed to survive reasonable abuse and certain unexpected conditions, as well as fulfilling the basic requirements of efficiency and cost.

To make the correct choices the consequences and trade offs need to be understood as well as the risks.  

Efficiency can be improved by switching faster, but this makes EMI worse.  We model and understand what happens, so we find ways of reducing the component count and only creating heat where it can be properly dissipated.  We have extensive experience covering:

      - convection or water cooled
      - hard switched or resonant
      - Solar invertors, medical applications, aviation and down hole drilling.

Our capabilities include:

       - magnetic design (Standard or Planar Transformers and Inductors)
       - circuit simulation
       - thermal design 
       - mechanical design.

We believe there are three critical phases to a project





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Multi-output Integrated planar transformer with digital control of one output, output sequencing etc

The 2 cores are the centre of the planar transformer.

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